After almost 9 years of operation, will be shutting down. I thank the community for the support over the years. The site will be inaccessible from 20 July 2021. Please back up your item lists before then.
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Why should I buy a premium subscription?

Because premium is awesome! Just kidding (not really). Premium members gain access to more awesome features over and above those that are available to free users! These give you a distinct advantage for making gold on the trade post over non-premium users. Furthermore, the proceeds from premium memberships go towards the server costs for this website and allows me to spend more time working on GW2TP and adding even more useful tools.

Premium features include:

  • Unlimited item lists and items. No more needing to sift through irrelevant items when identifying good deals.
  • Flip profit and % return columns on trading tables. Order trading tables by any category!
  • Demand - Supply legends. Quickly identify items that are in high demand or supply! Items that are in high demand or supply are marked with icons next to their names accordingly.
  • Advanced search form. Refine your searches using even more parameters and make the trade post bend to your will. Search by buy/sell count/price, flip profit, % return on investment, multiple categories and rarities. The combinations are endless!
  • Search saving. Search once and save. No more need to re-enter all your search parameters each time for a particular search.
  • Increased transaction log storage. Logs are saved for 3 months instead of the usual 2 weeks.
Existing premium users extend their premium membership using the plans below. The time will be added to your account.

Copper Premium

1 Month

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Silver Premium

3 Months
$10 (save $2)

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Gold Premium

6 Months
$18 (save $6)

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