After almost 9 years of operation, will be shutting down. I thank the community for the support over the years. The site will be inaccessible from 20 July 2021. Please back up your item lists before then.
Cost (-):
Listing fee (-5%):
Tax (-10%):

We've added new features to! You can now view items and materials in your bank vault using the My Bank page page and track your trading post transactions over at the My Transactions page!

In order to use these features, you'll need to grant read-only access to your GW2 account by setting up and adding a GW2 API key with the inventories and tradingpost permissions.

I got around to adding the new feature sooner than planned, yay. The item overview page now shows live listings of that item from the in-game trade post. Very nifty for a quick look to check if you're being undercut without having to log in.

Aside from the stressful server move about 2 weeks ago, GW2 has also decided on some drastic changes. In line with the latest game client update, we're now using the latest TP API.

I'd also like to release an exciting new addition made possible with the new API, but that might only be towards the weekend. Please do contact me if there are any site issues.

Added what has probably been the most requested feature to date: a copy item name to clipboard button. It looks like this: . Enjoy!

It's been a while since the last update, so I thought I'd share an update today and prove we're still kicking. The site has been periodically down for a few days due to some out-dated software causing issues, as was mentioned on our Facebook page. It has now been updated and should put an end to the periodic down time. In terms of performance, the site should also be feeling slightly faster on the front page and item pages thanks to a small implementation of caching. :-)

This week has been an exciting one for the Guild Wars 2 community with the release of the game's official API. Some of you might have noticed that GW2TP briefly had a World Events and Dragons page with event statuses. I have changed my mind about offering that feature. This is for two reasons, the first one being that the API was announced to developers and released publically at an extremely busy time for myself. I could not make an acceptable quality product in the time I've had. The second reason follows on from the first: other sites have already done it better. I've had to think long an hard about this one and I came to the conclusion that I'd rather make a really good quality trade post tool than a broad, average quality set of tools. Alas, GW2TP will stick to it's roots and do what we do best: aiding players make gold.

The next reason for this update is to apologise for yesterday's downtime. I had pushed an update that turned into a memory hog and eventually caused the server to reboot and the site to become largely unavailable. To make up for it, every registered member will receive a free 3 day premium membership, starting today. Existing premium members will have their memberships extended by 3 days too. Enjoy it!

And lastly, some updates! Thanks to the new API, we have added support for recipe data in the item detail pages. It is new, so please report any bugs you might find. Users can now also like us and receive news and updates on our new Facebook page! Spread the word and get your friends to like it too!

Premium users can now "subscribe" to items for certain conditions and receive notifications on their Android devices when those conditions are met. Such conditions include "buy price is less than 50 copper" or "sell count is greater than or equal 1700" and can be mixed and matched. Every 10 minutes when the site's data is refreshed, if any of your conditions become valid, you will receive an notification on all of your activated Android devices. This feature is still in it's early stages and I will be monitoring it closely to see how it performs.

Head over to the Adding a device page to get started with that.

I have also made a handful of other changes around the site, these include:

  • Highlight-able rows on almost every table, for your convenience when alt-tabbing to and from the game.
  • Action buttons (watch, add to transation log and notify) added to item overview pages.
  • Renamed the 'Site' link to 'More' and moved the 'Guides' link under the 'More' category.

Lastly, I am looking for a few budding gamers with decent writing skills who would be interested in writing documentation for the site. This would be including how to use the site for new users and explaining basic concepts such as demand / supply, how the trading tax is calculated etc.. There may be some monetary reward or equal GW2TP premium subscription for compensation ;-). If you're interested, feel free to email me on gw2tpnet[at]gmail[dot]com.

I'm pretty excited to see how this update pans out! We're trying to push the boundaries of gold making, not sitting around crying about the competition (unlike some people). Just a few more reasons why we're better than other premium gold making tools!

It's been a while since the last update, but today I present to you the transaction log. This feature stems from a personal irritation of mine that I cannot seem to remember what price I paid for a particular stack of items that I bought a week ago.

The log provides you with the ability to record the quantity, buy price and sell price of an item, sorted by date. Alongside each item, it provides the current selling price and a handy profit calculation to let you know how much profit you would make if you had to sell that particular item right now.

You should notice a new button on the item tables next to the 'add to item list' button. Clicking on it bring up a dialog to add the item to your transaction log. You can then head over to your transaction log to see your items. Once you've sold your item, click on the edit button to the right to fill in the price you sold it for.

Log entries for premium users will be kept for 3 months, while free users will have theirs kept for 2 weeks.

Gw2tp chrome extension

I'm please to release version 1 of GW2TP's Chrome search extension! This extension allows users to quickly search for and navigate to a detailed view of an item. For more information and installation instructions, head over to the extension page.

You might have also noticed a small menu shuffle. The News link is now under the Site category, along with a new comments and suggestions page.

You've probably noticed the site going down for a few minutes or prices not updating these past few days. I must apologise for this. The site's growth has been quite substantial and has required more hosting resources. I've also been hard at work today trying to resolve the slowness issue of the site. The item overview page that shows the item's price history was incredibly slow and was causing the database to lock up, thereby making all subsequent page loads slow.

As a result, I've had to make some tough decisions on a few changes to the site. The biggest decision being to only track 1 week's worth of item prices instead of a month. The reason for this is that I'd far rather have a fast, responsive site for all. If you require a larger time span of price history, I suggest you head over to GW2Spidy and take a look for that item. The aim of GW2TP is to place a large emphasis on current item prices. The history range may increase over time if all goes smoothly.

Again, I apologise for the hiccups experienced. Premium users have been credit with additional time to make up for the periodic inaccessibility.


Premium members can now enjoy this new feature that allows you to save searches. This means that you can save the combination of search parameters that you use often to find particular items and give it a name.

To use this feature, perform your search. You will be taken to the search results page. Underneath the search form, there is a button that reads 'Save this search'. Clicking on this button will open a dialog, prompting you for a name to associate this search with. Once you have clicked save, your saved search should now appear in the "Saved Searches" menu at the top of the site. Clicking on your saved search will now repeat the search without you having to re-enter all the parameters. This is useful if you have a specific combination of parameters to search for example, fast flipping crafting materials.

Tip: You can also choose which column you wish to order the results before saving the search. Your saved search will now automatically be ordered by the column you saved it on.

I'm extremely excited to announce the launch of premium memberships today! If you've been wondering why there has been a lack of updates recently, well, here's why!

Why upgrade to a premium member you ask? Premium users gain even more features and tools to help you master the trade post! These features include:

  • Unlimited item lists and items.
    No more needing to sift through irrelevant items when identifying good deals.
  • Flip profit columns on all item tables.
    Order all tables by any category!
  • Demand - Supply legends.
    Quickly identify items that are in high demand or supply! Items that are in high demand or supply are marked with icons next to their names accordingly.
  • Advanced search form.
    Refine your searches using even more parameters and make the trade post bend to your will. Search by buy/sell count/price, flip profit, multiple categories and rarities. The combinations are endless!
Quite a juicy list! And this list will grow in the coming month. Future features include the ability to be notified when item prices change and saving your advanced searches so you can repeat them quickly.

Users can head over to the premium memberships page to purchase a membership. No credit card details are stored on our servers.

Some other changes: watched items have now been migrated to your default item list. Free users can have 1 item list, with 100 items on it. To gain access to unlimited item lists and track unlimited items, consider upgrading to a premium user. If you were previously watching more than 100 items, only the first 100 items have been migrated over to your item list. Looking for groups has also been discontinued,

I'd also like to give a shout-out to the guys over at The owner of this fantastic blog has been very kind in mentioning in many of his gold-making and other related guides and articles. Many people will know how difficult it is to get the initial burst of traffic so a new site and this site was no exception. Thanks for these guys and a few others (who can be found at the bottom of this site), we have reached over 6000 visitors in less than a month!

I would definitely recommend new players (heck, even advanced players could learn a think or two) take a look at their articles. Links to some of their guides can be found in the guides section. Also check out our other friends, Guild Wars 2 Trading Post and The Egg Baron.

It's been a while since the site's last update, so I thought I'd release one my promised features, an API. Those of you who are interested in making use of it, please head over to the API page for more details.

More features coming soon!

Today I've added a new feature that is core to any serious trade post gold-maker: the ability to watch items! This means you can flag items you wish to be able to easily view on a separate page. You will need to register (don't worry, it literally takes a few seconds) and be logged in to use this feature.

To watch an item, click on the () icon next to the item listing and wait until it becomes dark (). You can then view your watched items an any time by clicking on the Item menu link and selecting 'Watched items', which will take you to the watched items page. You can stop watching items by clicking on the icon again.

This article is outdated.

I'm excited to tell you about a new feature on GW2TP: guide submissions! While there are many guides for GW2 on the internet now, it is tedious search by various terms trying to find one that suites your needs. The aim of the guide submission system is to allow writers to submit links to guides on their website and give readers a central place to discover them.

Anyone can submit a link to their guide, so feel free to check out the guide archive for more information. I only ask that writers adhere to the submission guidelines that can be found on the submission form. This can be a great source of traffic to your website if you submit interesting guides!

Please leave any comments and / or suggestions you may have at the bottom of this page.


Today's changes sees the items' graphs moving from Google Charts to Highcharts. While Google Charts was more than up to the processing, the sheer number of data points on the graphs made them look ugly. The new graphs have a zoomable time series for ease of use. The item page now shows the in-game chat link. I've also added the latest items page, which shows the newest items AreaNet has added to the game.

This weekend I'm planning on adding the buy/sell counts/price fields to the search form as well as an exciting new feature, but that's a secret!

On another note, many of you (266 to be exact) probably stumbled across this site via a Reddit post I made today; I'd appreciate it if you'd up-vote this and any other posts I (or others) create concerning GW2TP. The more people I see finding GW2TP a useful tool, the more motivation I get to improve it!

Bye for now!

So it's almost been a week since I launched the site and its growing pretty nicely! You may notice some improvements, including, but not limited to:

  • A much faster load time on the flippable items page thanks to some database improvements.
  • A more advanced item search form and filtering system.
  • A comments area at the bottom of this page! Please leave any comments and suggestions you may have. :-)

Please continue spreading the word about GW2TP! Tell your fellow guild members, post on forums, share us on Facebook or Twitter, anything!

Stay tuned for more exciting features! ;-) is aimed at providing avid Guild Wars 2 players with up-to-date trading post information. Prices of all items are updated every 10 minutes straight from the trading post used in game. We also offer valuable gold-making information: the highest potential flip profit on items in game!

The site is in it's very early stages and is far from complete. Features coming soon include:

  • An API for external services to use.
  • Item search and filtering improvements.
  • A watchlist to flag items and receive daily notifications about their prices.
  • and much more...
As you can see, there are some exciting features to come, so keep checking back here. I will be setting up a comment and suggestions area soon too where you will be able to leave your thoughts.

Bye for now!